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Lesson Offerings

  • Meisner Technique

  • Voice & Speech Work

  • Movement Technique

  • Monologue Coaching

  • Audition Preparation


Pay What You Can

30 Minute Intro Classes

1 Hour Sessions = $40

Package of Three

1 Hour Sessions = $100

Group Discounts Available

Also Available for


Lesson Breakdowns


Develop given circumstances through the Meisner Technique. Use repetition and independent activities to get the most out of your scene work.

Follow your impulses and respond moment to moment with your scene partner.

Recommended for Groups

Masterclass or Ongoing Lessons


Creating a strong support of the body through a personalized actor workout to help you feel energized and prepared to act.

Using movement as a base for developing beats and characterization.

Minimum of 5 Lessons Recommeded

Monologue Coaching

Coaching a monologue for audition preparation or for your collection.


Discover given circumstances and break the text down into actable beats.

2-3 Lessons Recommended

Voice & Speech

Discover the tensions that inhibit your voice. Connect your breath to the text and power your creative imagination through the voice.

Explore rhetorical devices in prose and verse and learn how to use it to your advantage.

Minimum of 5 Lessons Recommended



Chris Plonka is probably one of the best people you can ask to help you. He’s like a guru and a friend combined together. I remember when I was in my first acting class as a freshman he helped me through the acting portion but also getting adjusted into college. I’m glad I had him as a professor and now I can call him a friend.

Abhishek Soniminde, Actor & Indiana University Student

Learning from Christopher was a remarkably positive experience in my life. He was always patient and friendly, and he was thoroughly invested in helping me better my acting. He gave clear, succinct directions and feedback, and taught me so much in so little time. He was focused and attentive. I have left my last class with him feeling very much improved and more confident in my acting skills. I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to learn from him.

Sonia, High School Student

Chris challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and make better choices in bringing the essence of my character to the audition.  He takes the time to break the scene down, find each beat and help me purposefully choose more interesting approaches to play the scene.  His awareness and attention to detail helped me to better understand the process to approaching a scene, which I can use not just for this upcoming audition, but in future work as well. 

Deb, MA Based Actress

"Working with Chris opened me up to completely new ways of interpreting and understanding my relationship to text. He is equipped with extensive knowledge of how the breath and voice work and teaches insightful ways to connect those elements to your material. Having been a professional actor/voice user for almost 15 years, I have found myself guilty of sometimes going on auto-pilot or relying too much on my ability to "make it work"; Chris encouraged me to always stay connected to the basics and grounded in my technique, and offered practical, actionable ways to incorporate his teachings into my work. I highly recommend him to actors of all levels!"

Kevin Patrick Martin, Actor

Chris helped me gain a better understanding of my monologue and view performing from a new perspective. He helped me learn how to deconstruct the monologue and read behind the lines. If Christopher prepares you for your audition, you are in good hands. He is friendly and, his questions are to the point. Furthermore, Chris is eager to help you gain a deep understanding of a monologue and its context. Lastly, he is happy to hear your questions and does not move on to the next thing if you have not gained a deep understanding of the previous one.

Jocaste, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Student

Everyone could feel comfortable in the class, and this was mostly because of Chris's openness to the fact that we are new to the subject/art form. Also, he was always pushing the notion that we need to be understanding that everyone learns and does things differently, so if a classmate or I potentially had a different way of approaching an assignment, he was almost always willing to let our creativity show itself.

Student at Indiana University





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