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By David Adjmi

"The script is … weird at times. However, under Christopher Crider-Plonka’s direction, the script does find its way and leaves you thinking. I can imagine that with another director, one who didn’t clearly take so much care with his work, that this play would fall flat."

-Shannon McLoud, Motif Magazine

Life Sucks 3.jpg

Life Sucks

by Aaron Posner

"The direction of this production is strong overall, and the pacing absolutely perfect for this kind of story... Christopher Plonka was very canny to keep the actors moving, and manages to create mini setpieces just using chairs..."

- Andria Tieman, Broadway World Rhode Island

Life Sucks 4.jpg

Life Sucks

by Aaron Posner

"With scant props and a Spartan set that has actors sitting in the audience at times, Plonka creates an inclusive effect that draws people in as part of the exploration of life’s tragedies and setbacks."

- Susan McDonald, Providence Journal

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