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Your source to catch up on all the doings in my career.

Will be posting regular updates to show what I'm working on in my career.

July 21, 2021

Three days into the National Stage Combat Workshop and things are going great! It's been incredibly busy, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sore and tired, but I mean that in the best way possible. It's such a joy to be here, and I know the skills will help me grow as an actor.

The main news to share is that I completed SPRs (Skill Proficiency Renewals) in unarmed, broadsword, and rapier and dagger. As an added bonus, I passed with recommendation in unarmed. I still have passes with recommendation for the other two as well as quarterstaff for a little under two years, so those opportunities were just a really great opportunity to get more training with new teachers in those styles as well as get more experience in a fast paced environment, both of which are very helpful.

For the rest of my time here, I'll be hard at work training and testing in sword and shield, knife, single sword, small sword, and firearms, so stay posted!

July 14, 2021

First post on the new and improved news page for my personal site. In the future, this will be more of a multimedia page, and not just a wall of text, but for now, we'll start with a few basic paragraphs.

I just graduated in May with my MFA in Acting from Indiana University in Bloomington and am currently preparing for a move to Los Angeles in September. Between now and then, however, I will be spending time with family as well as spending three weeks in Ruston, Louisiana for the National Stage Combat Workshop with the Society of American Fight Directors. This will be a huge opportunity for me as I pursue theatrical violence in my career, stay tuned for more news on that as well as an update to my blog page where I will discuss some of my work in that process. 

Most of my work in the near future will be related to theatrical violence as well as voiceover work, so stay tuned for more news!

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